Decoupling Membrane

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* Matting Size m2:

Matting is Ultra Thin 2mm by 1 metre wide by either 5 metres or 20 metres Long depending on Purchase

Decoupling Membrane Fleece:

Why Use A Decoupling Membrane Fleece ?  All building materials expand and contract with changes in temperature. All materials vary in how much they move these differences create stresses that can be disastrous to tiled surfaces cause it to expand the floor which can then lead to weak points, and can cause cracks in grout joints, or even cause tiles to debond.

Why is Our matting the solution?  Nassboard floor matting reduces the risk of these forces damaging your floor tiles through the fleece layer. The fleece layer on the matting provides a protective barrier between your tiled surface and the floor substrate. As the floor moves the fleece will decouple from the waterproof layer of the mat so allowing the floor to move but not the tiles on top of it, and prevent cracking, whilst maintaining the 100% waterproof protection


  • ·         Suitable for Waterproofing
  • ·         Can be tiled to Immediatley after installing
  • ·         Sound insulating properties.
  • ·         Can be used underneath electric underfloor Heating
  • ·         Decoupling membrane Matting designed for movement to eliminate cracks.
  • ·         High bond Strength to both surfaces


Waterproof Decoupling Membrane designed for areas where waterproofing is required and designed to reduce Cracks through the soft polyethylene material due to the high tensile strength of the product.

Typical areas where product is used: Wetrooms or bathrooms, residential and commercial buildings as well as Hotel bathrooms, private or commercial shower areas, swimming pools or balconies,

Can be used on all the following floors: Timber, Concrete, plaster and most common substrates including Fibre boards, tile backer boards and calcium sulphate screeds.

Prepartion: Surfaces should be clean and dry and flat free from loose particles all surfaces should be free from Grease, Dust, wax, paint and flaking materials and if porous we would recommend an acrylic Primer to be used first. Any existing cracks in a substrate  should be repaired before use.

Fixing: The product should be put down with the white fleece side to the substrate and the Grey side up which needs to be tiled to with a cementious Flexible adhesive with a S1 Rating a thin bed should be trowelled out and then the Decoupling fleece rolled over and smoothed out so the matting is flat and free from air bubbles. Once fixed to the substrate the surface can be tiled to immediately with ceramic, Quartz, Porcelain or Natural Stone tiles. When Used in an area that needs to waterproofed all sides should be overlapped by 50mm and fixed again with Flexible Tile adhesive all edges should be covered with Nassboard waterproofing tape and corners and fixed with Flexible Tile adhesive

Product should be put down with White Fleece to the Floor Tile the Grey side.

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